Tuesday, June 5, 2018

4 - 6 - '18        Run 1882        Brewery Tap

BEERFUCK's night in the Far East. Stand in Choirmaster 
NUMMY called the reverEnce, & first up for GM PEBBLES 
was the welcomes back for JITTERBUG, LITTLE EVIL
BEERFUCK said the run was like his Nerrina run (whatever !),
& stay on trail if you want a drink - so the bar flys stayed at 
the pub. Out we went into the rain, & along each side of the
rectangle, thru' the long wet grass, & back via the Freeway
(not dangerous at all !!) to the Drinkstop by the servo. The 
super athletes made it before the walkers, the Hare having 
to cycle back to chase the keys from said walkers.
At the Circle PEBBLES had drinks for the "welcome's
backers", then called on the 'Best Screw in Hash' MOUNTIE.
She said that it was about as far East as you can get, we'd 
been thru' every mud puddle, gauze bush, long grass & hunk
of shit in the district, & the pink, yellow & white paint was no
challenge at all for Dr ROWDY. Then came the Drive mag, 
limerick & spot on the board. 
                                  (Shitty trail ........ ).
Sergeant SHAFFY had BEERFUCK stay out for having to run
along the Western Highway, just because he's a Weston, but 
it was bloody dangerous in the rain & blinded by the 
headlights, so out you come as well PEBBLES, 'cos the 'fish
always stinks from the head first'. 
Sniffyc*nt runs were for EXIT 69 & DIMWIT 44.
FASCINATOR relayed a charge from HER FANNY to 
MOUNTIE - HER FANNY didn't want to be known in public
as "that", ala (the late) Fran as CRUNT
NORMAL wanted to step up for a charge, but was smartly
dismissed by the Serg.
PEBBLES advertised the sniffyc*nt runs of next week - 
THE BILL 1600 & BENTNOSE 1300.
                    ( ....... & the boys go down down ..... ).
NORMAL charged PEBBLES for his idea for cars, "but it's not 
all about cars", MRS D to PUSBUCKET for his eye 'patch',
& DUMBER for DEEP HEAT's wall ruler to measure the 
height of NUMMY's tits in years to come.
                    (Do your tits hang low ........ ).
FASCINATOR's moving from Waubra to Errard St. & 
complaining already about the new carparking plan, 
NUTCRACKER's been setting roots on the run, & 
BITCHFACE had a drink for the p/incorrect name of 
                     (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ...... ).
SHAFTED had NUTCRACKER out for a demo, saying "it's
stinkin', wet & hard to put your hand in" - ( the old glove
that he'd found on the run !!).
LOIS LANE called out BENTNOSE for the 'dementia' memory
loss & MOUNTIE to PUSBUCKET for his keys being in 
Geelong all the time, after he had taken the train from 
Geelong via Melbourne to Ballarat.
SHAFTED charged Christine Mary for her likeness to 
'Something About Mary', & PIMP for swanning round the
lounge in bare feet.
                      ( ..... down to his 2 skin ....... ).
NORMAL charged BENTNOSE for being over-ruled by 
BP's wanting to turn back on the walk, & PLUCKA for not
running him over at the round-about, being the only one at
Hash who wouldn't.
FASCINATOR had random charges (to empty a jug), PLUCKA,
Barnaby's had sex.
PUSBUCKET had ROWDY out for having the L & R signs on
his socks, then ROWDY to ClitterBUG for being totally 
covered (including the face scarf) at Ballarat Hash, but 
displaying 'the girls' in all of the recent photos.
                                 (You're stupid ..... ).
BENTNOSE charged MOUNTIE for saying "it was great", 
& BEERFUCK for having to chase the keys to the Drink-stop.
                      (Why were they born so beautiful ..... ).

Next week's run - 1883 - Hare PRECIOUS from Miner's Tavern.

Obvious that MASTABAIT's away - BENT's miraculously 
NORMAL's chauffeur again. 

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