Tuesday, June 26, 2018

25 - 6 - '18      Run 1885      Magpie St

BAD HAIR DAY's from BAD HAIR DAY's - somethin' about a
run with zeros (you didn't really expect a blog did you?!?).
We had a trot up, down & around the hills of Golden Point in
the fabulous East, eventually thru' some bush at Peady 
Reserve & back to the drink-stop that wasn't at Sovereign 
Hill Look-out - (the bar flys just loved that little bit of 
unexpected exercise !!).
At the circle, the usual charges followed, mostly for the 
Hairless Hare (but didn't include a drink from the 
"new shoes"). The limerick, Drive mag, Nash Hash tankard
& a superb T Shirt (thank you) completed the Screw from 
Keeper of the Meat SHAFFY excelled with the snags, chops &
steak, ably dealt with by BBQ Chef NORMALPLUCKA was
completely forgotten about & had to 'beg' an egg or 2 from
the larder in the homestead. Mynie had chopped away for a 
couple of hours to produce some very tasty salads & slaw, 
& then there were "sweets for my sweet, & sugar for my 
That's it - I've had a fair go - over & out till July 30th run.
Might get a chance to send a pic of a snow covered
trumpfart from the Allgau Alps or the Amsterdam clogs.

On on, Hairless Harry Blogger.

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