Monday, May 28, 2018

28 - 5 - '18     Run 1881     Queen's Head

The stand-in Choirmaster FASCINATOR called the reverEnce
to get the CHRIS CROS night up & 'running', & there 
'mustabeen' what's become the Hash 38.
GM PEBBLES welcomed new runner to the Mighty Sovereign
Hash - FAR-KING after a 30+ year Hash lay off in Qld.
CHRIS CROS mentioned the chalk, flour & "BP's got the Drink
stop key", then sent 16 superb athletes on their way, further
out into the East. At one of the Black Hill stops, under a 
brilliant full moon, someone said " the looneys will be out 
tonight" & just then FASCINATOR started yelling, just to 
prove it !! SHAFTED thought he'd be a short cutting 'c' around
Black Hill, of course not to be seen until his late arrival at the
Drink-stop. There were vivid memories of a lost Foster Bro', &
so began the mini search. NORMAL was still away, so there 
was beer to spare after the Drink-stop.
Back at the Pub, FASCINATOR led us all to the Beer Garden
for the circle, where PEBBLES gave FAR-KING a welcome
drink, & welcomes back for EXIT & FASCINATOR.
MOUNTIE began her CHRIS CROS screw, saying about the 
run in the East, the circle in the Beer Garden, & it's been a
while since the Queen's (given) Head. Also, it's obvious that
we've been banned from Platypus Drive. CHRIS CROS got 
2 Drive mags, no photo with the broken bike on the roof rack,
& then the limerick. 
                               (Shitty trail .......... ).
Sergeant SHAFFY was still a bit steamed up & sweaty after
his big run, & started with a charge for the Bali (licker) Girls
D&C and NUTCRACKER, then about NUTCRACKER's gash,
followed by the special limerick, & HALF A BAR joined in to
make the 3 silver birches (at the tree).
             ........ a very convoluted (Bad, bad ......... ).
ROWDY had a charge for NUTCRACKER's bikini top ......
& "what's sarong with that?"
                              (She's alright ......... ).
CHRIS CROS charged REAR ENTRY for Richmond's "Kingy"
being back out on the street, MRS DICKHEAD charged 
GLIDER for being the oldest c*nt but absent on Heritage 
Weekend, & ROWDY to MOUNTIE as the Irish Abortionist.
                      (Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy ..... ). 
Sniffyc*nt runs were REAR ENTRY 600 (750 by next week?),
ROWDY 1150, HER VAG ??, PRECIOUS 169, NUMMY 525 &
                               (Get a life ....).
BITCHFACE had been at the Western again & saw some old
blokes (thought they were from Hash) & it turned out to be 
MASTABAIT, who in turn said "who's BITCHFACE?"
DUMBER had SHAFTED out for making everyone panic & 
thinking the worst, D&C to DONUTS for the big donuts that
the little kids in Bali had, & ROWDY had a drink for having to
guess the colour of the BITCHFACE top.
MRS D reckoned CHRIS CROS had lost his chalk supply
since retiring, making him raid TWO DICKS' pantry for the 
flour, then MOUNTIE charged SHAFTED for getting lost, &  
cumming as a 3'some.
SHAFFY talked about the magic mushrooms at Warrenheip,
& produced a large one with a bite missing - that's why he
got lost !!
ROWDY charged Richy for his favourite income as 
"swallow in(g)come", then DIMWIT's "Wally in stripes" -
doesn't want to get spotted !!
SHAFFY produced the ball he'd found on the run - was it
SILIC's other?         ( You're dumb ...... ).
LOIS LANE had REARY out for saying "what a great run",
when he didn't & never does.
                  ( You're dumb dumb dumb dumd dumb).
To empty the last down downs, ROWDY had all the "ing's"
out - FAR-King, drink-ing, wank-ing, cumm-ing et al.
Plenty of noise followed from the 2 long tables in the Dining 
Room, making sure the Ballet Girls on the next table were
soon to disperse.
Next week's run - 1882 - Hare BEERFUCK from the 
                                          Brewery Tap.

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