Monday, September 26, 2016

26 - 9 -'16   Run 1789   Carboni's on Eureka

D & C's (supposed 8 km) run. DR ROWDY returned to give us the
sniffyc*nts of 1789 - the Fletcher Christian "Mutiny on the Bounty"
Welcome to Big Sky (son of TEFLON) - welcome back to PRECIOUS.
The "athletes" headed off in raincoats, hats & gloves, for a jog in 
the incessant rain, & finished at the drink-stop outside of the Pub.
7 Bar Flys braved the bar for the duration, (watching the Wags'
Brownlow display 'in & out' of their creations), & not even making
it outside for the drinks. Amongst the charges inside, were SS
for a red letter day & thinking "it wasn't really raining tonight".
PUSBUCKET & SILIC for their working class, & REAR ENTRY for
Richmond's so long out of the running for a Grand Final spot.
DUMBER & DUMBER spent half his weekend watching the muscle
girls, & CHRIS CROSS caught half naked in the women's toilet - 
we assume he was only changing !! PUSBUCKET & SPARTACUS
were afforded a drink on account of the fire at their "office",
JD's Bar. SILIC, resplendent in Doggie's hat & guernsey wasn't
giving up hope of Grand Final tickets. Son of TEFLON for his
That's enough !!
Next week's run - ROWDY. On on at 5 Ways - On after Top Eureka.

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