Tuesday, September 20, 2016

19 - 9 -'16     Run 1788    Athletic Club

1788  The Invasion ??? Of Course !! SPENCER HOCKING'S run.

GM NUM called the order, with a Happy Birthday to GILF, & welcomes
About a doz. 'athletes' headed off on the easterly run, & as usual,
a couple of bar flies couldn't even make it to the drink-stop, 300
yards away. SPENCE'S idea of encountering 'old trail', turned out 
to be trail from the PMT Hash the day before.
Stand in Screw MRS DICKHEAD eluded to us visiting many of
SPENCER'S favourite fantasy spots - the old Humffray St
State School, Ballarat Girls' School, the back of St Alipius (but we
were out of coloured ribbons), the School of Mines with a lingering
trip round the Child Minding Centre, & finally a Halt outside Crocker's
for a cunning look at some kiddy uniforms. 
Football charges - SILIC for The Doggies not being able to hang-in
for the Prelim & ROADRUNNER for the Hawk's embarrasing loss.
New Hash gear is obviously neat casual according to CANDIDA,
ROADRUNNER & BOOTROOTA, but SILIC still fronts up in his
un-sartorial excellence. REAR ENTRY still reckons STUBBIE'S 
beer is like cat's piss. HALF A BAR wouldn't f**kin', f**kin well
pick-up f**kin' DR f**kin' DEATH - nooo f**k him !! 
According to PUSBUCKET, BUBBA was doing the work of all 3 
of The Stooges, Larry Curly & Mo, & NORMAL caned,
PUSBUCKET  for no charges from the walk.
MOUNTIE won't jog in pantyhose - says "it sets them on fire" - 
must be fairly hot "down there" - you makin' the most of that Snag?
BHD charged for a photo that "resembles someone" on the 
Member's Blog, but it matters not - no-one ever looks at either
Blog anyway.
Some charges out of the window here as the Blog Bastard 
can't read his short-hand the next day !!
Next week's run - seems to be Pebbles (from somewhere),
hold that thought - it's now D & C from Carboni's on Eureka.

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