Monday, September 12, 2016

12 - 9 -'16    Run 1787    Miner's Tavern

SPARTACUS' run, & still no DR ROWDY to give us the 
sniffyc*nts of 1787. Well, of course, Capt. Bligh set sail 
from England on the Bounty.

GM NUM here (at last) to call the troops to order.
Welcome from Lakeside (spruiking their crap !!), to 
CHEESCAKE and EGGS & BACON. Welcomes back 
to PIMP & FASCINATOR, but don't encourage him !!
A run around the North in steady rain, to finish at the 
Sheltered Workshop, & much drying of gear by 
DUMBER'S bar heaters, all the while, looking over the 
abundance of yellow XD heaps of shit.
PUSBUCKET was stand-in Sergeant & nominated 
PLUCKA as Religious Adviser - she said "Might as well, 
good weather for ducks". 
Not running in the East was in contempt of the Gods 
according to PUSBUCKET no wonder we had shit 
He pointed out the 'all male' painting on the wall, 
& it's depiction of a bygone Golden Era - 
No women at Hash!
SS screwed SPARTACUS for a good run & shame about
the religious adviser's choice of weather. An extremely 
well stocked drink stop at DUMBER'S & now that 
SPARTACUS is back behind the wheel (albeit unlicensed), 
he should be able to pick up BHD.
MOUNTIE lost her horn, & was probably the only horn 
she was gonna to get for the night. D & C got charged 
for "The hairs on her dicky-di-do" & & & &, I got so 
excited, I can't remember the rest !!
No need for Lakeside's sex deviant 2 DADS - we've
got our own - THE BILL
Hanging onto her tits caused EGGS & BACON to stack 
her bike.
NUMMIE'S certainly "raising the bar" - HALF-A-BAR 
is not coming at all.
Next week's run - SPENCER HOCKING at the 
Athletic Club (if it's open) - You'd think he would know.

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