Monday, October 3, 2016

3 - 10 - '16  Run 1790  Daylight Saving Run

DR ROWDY'S "shicky run" thru' the sodden bush around 5 Ways.
GM NUM'S  absence (due to man flu?) continued to "lower the bar"
& stand-in DUMB & DUMBER was in charge. ROWDY'S utterings
re: 1790 were Mozart's composition of "Cosi Fan Tutti" (English
translation "Women are like that") & the patenting of Shoelaces.
Athletes headed off into the mud (wasn't ROWDY'S Midland Golf
run in the mud?) & were eventually fooled into a false trail by 
D&C & the 'recently returned to running' BENTNOSE. 
3 barflys actually made it this week to the drinkstop Fat Yak et al.
Charges (may include, but not limited to), SILIC & PUSBUCKET
for their teams' win/loss in the Grand Final.
SS screwed ROWDY for his leaving the good weather behind
in South America, the run, the walk, the drinkstop & the well lit
Circle - great lights DUMBER.
DUMBER for his loser horse that got a crook ticker after a dose
of cobalt, & then the Bookmaker giving him a 10:1 bonus for his
honesty over a betting slip debacle. PEBBLES for being 
surprised that his runners weren't waterproof. PUSBUCKET for
for the 20 to 8 free kick imbalance in the Grand Final.
REAR ENTRY - Richmond now holds the record for the longest
wait for a Premiership win. D&C - most un-Australian going to a 
Stage Play on G.F. Day. MASTABAIT on his way to France (didn't
he just get back?) - what does NORMAL do now?
BP for a brand new Grand Niece. MRS DICKHEAD - something 
about buying new runners for PRECIOUS (Blog Bastard can't 
read his shorthand !!).
Birthday boys ROWDY & DUMBER.

Next week's run MRS DICKHEAD from the Market Pub.

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