Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 - 9 -'16    Run 1786    The Grapes Pub

THE BILL'S run, & with DR ROWDY holidaying somewhere in South America, no significance of 1786 mentioned, except, (as everyone knows !!), that it's the year the Transport Ship of the First Fleet "Prince of Wales" was rebuilt, eventually sailing into Botany Bay in 1788.  THERE !!
Yet again, stand-in GM DUMBER called order - 8 "athletes", 'bout 12 walkers & 3 or 4 bar flys present. 
Welcome back to Intrepid Cape York Biker DOUGHNUTS.
SS figured it a nightmare to screw THE BILL, but at the end of the "Alley Run", the well stocked drink-stop saw the "athletes" arrive before the walkers. 
Well done THE BILL. How many travellers does NORMAL actually have ?
GM NUMMY came late - is that usual DUMBER ??
Stand-in Sergeant BENT NOSE held court with the Charges.
MRS DICKHEAD 500 Runs, DR DEATH for his sartorial excellence, BOOTROOTER pre-hash training walk, GLIDER for his "Mother Theresa - like" healing handshake, CHRIS CROSS for up market dining with school kids having snails, MRS DICKHEAD for hoping, but not being raped in the mall, & HALF-BAR the private school dropkick.  

That's enough !!

Next week's run, SPARTACUS (after much deliberation) at Miner's Tavern.

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