Tuesday, December 1, 2015

30/11/15 SOS'sBBQ

The new home of SOS, despire being named for a disgraced former Governor General, has obvious appeal. Next to a take-away and over the road from a pub. It also has a lap pool although in this case al lap literally means up and down.
Occupational Health was observed by Plucka with Down Downs in soft plasticware.
We saw the return of Little Evil, an unusually upright Dr. Death and Hymen who doesn't really resemble Silic.
Rowdy arrived in several different people's beachwear.
 Silic's similarity to an Australian fast bowler was restricted to his bandaged bunion.
Pusbucket identified another sales coup by Rear Entry, pointing out the oldest, smallest wide screen plasma HD TV yet seen.
D&D completed his 999th run and is confident of completing his millenial next week.
Teflon was charged with lack of precision in his description of next week's venue. We go to 5 Ways but not to Nuggety Dam. Turn left and travel along Glen Park Rd. On after is there as well. A good idea to brig chairs and a light if you have one as the On After is there.

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