Wednesday, December 30, 2015

28/12/15 Lake View Stand-In Hare Her Vag

Visitors from Cooktown Hash paid us the highest possible compliment. "Worst Hash run ever", And they have been to plenty of hashes.
Was it that the runners got back early and had bought their own - not inexpensive, beers before the down downs? Was it that we had to try three eateries before we could find one to feed us before midnight? Was it that we only have one drinking song? Was it the unfunny joke that they read out? Or was it that the GM has so much trouble remembering the names Nostrildumass and Extractit? Who knows.
Other welcomes to Cleavage and Daryl and Jason2 and Bubba, who mentioned something about "Nightshift".
Num Num and Bentnose were held to account for BHS bullying of interns. Shafted for getting lost on the run and going all the way around the lake.
Next week, a bit more normality at Rowdys with less banana benders.

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