Tuesday, November 24, 2015

23/11 Schoolies Run Stand-In Hare Pusbucket On On Eureka Pizza

Rowdy and Mrs D gave a nod to the theme of the night by frocking up. The nominated hare did not answer the roll - something about school of all things.
The run took in the lake/ cemeterary/Bunnings precincts.Squizzy and the GM strategically shortcut the whole run but somehow arrived at the drink stop last. Another of life's unsolved mysteries.
The drink stop morphed into the on after, with Rear Entry reprising his mission of depleting Road Runner's grog supply.
The consort of the Hare took the charge over her recent vehicular mishap. Spencer Hocking, as a past principal, was deemed responsible for one of his ilk demolishing a Maccas drive through with his rooftop bike.
Shafted's undryable socks again featured. Teflon was recognised for his 11th run.
Num Num's screwing was unusually convoluted, even for her.
The On After featured next week's hare, SOS. He shed little light on the intended location. Apparently we are to go to the North Britain and look for the Bill's car and work out the rest from there.

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