Wednesday, December 16, 2015

14/12/15 Spencer Hocking- Union Jack Lane.

A bush run from a new venue, a visit from a couple of Hash luminaries and a christening!
The run did indeed take us to Union Jack Reserve. We nearly saw more than we want of Shafted but Plucka declined his generous offer.Then at least one echidna and a corral for the tarts.
Drop Kick and Deep Heat were welcomed back. Deep and the choirmaster reprised the symbiosis of their  hairlines.
Dave is hereafter to be known as "The Missing Link", while D&D has commenced his second thousand runs.
Candida and Fascinator were inappropiately clad. The latter compounded the crime - along with his sidekick D&C, by advertising prowess at the ironman without competing. Rowdy  demonstrated the correct form by doing the reverse.
Bait had located an ill-fitting wetsuit with the zip at the front.
Pebbles had difficulty with technology so the GM had to ride his bike to hash.
Ham and salad rolls on a balmy night.
Next week at Stubbys new brewery next to The Freight Bar. Come Christmassy and thirsty.

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