Monday, January 4, 2016

4/1/16 New Year Run at Rowdy's

  •  BP and Lois in 20 Years an Australian
  • Plucka and Missing Link in Cycling News. Plucka for working for an accident prone montain biker and The Link for pushing his bike around most of the run.
  • Fascinator for dramatically re-telling the one ending with Pauline standing next to the pope and spectators asking "Who is that next to Pauline?" I have spared you the details.
  • Patrick for just being enthusiastic
  • Rowdy for arousing the Screw
  • Pebbles for sharing phone porn
  • Bubba for being the only one of us with less than 3 layers of clothing
Sendoff drinks for Fluid this Thurs at the Athletic Bar 6:30.
Next Week The pavillion Chisholm St Black Hill. On After Eureka Pasta
Thanks to Shafted for hosting the 1st Feb run at 219 Coalmine Rd Lal Lal.

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