Thursday, October 8, 2015

5/10/15 Rowdy's Daylight Savings Run Nuggety Dam

Stand -in Screw Jack noted the balmy weather, broad vistas,options for short cutters and the varied drinks at the stop. We even found something Prescious on the run. Runners and walkers, with the exception of Mrs D coincided a at the eskis.Rowdy may find his next run on the Kokoda Track a mite more challenging.

No fire due to a ban but that may have been for the best, based on past history at the venue.

Bait took the "How the mighty" have fallen charge as our adventurer of earlier days found himself stranded on a couch during the footy final. He did find a hoard of knives concealed among the outdoor furniture.
Beer Fuck was recognised for his paddling prowess. He also was inspired to present his ROY-G- BIV rainbow charge.
Returning Sergeant was at his pedantic best, noting spelling discrepancies among his charges.

Hash Drinks were available with the BBQ and all except Plucka were impressed  by Shafted's steak carving in the dark.

A task for next weeks run setter Glider as he uses similar terrain from 5 Ways. On after at The Eureka.

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