Wednesday, September 30, 2015

28/9/15 Miller's Arms Silics Brownlow Night

Our visitor from Peninsula, In Limbo, saw a variety of Football codes represented mainly by Fop. A now familiar starting point but the run avoided the East and we again collected participants as we went
BHD resumed his Choirmaster role when he found suitable footwear.Num Num resumed screwing duties much to the delight of the Hare.
Medical over-servicing being topical resulted in all with knee, gland and posterior work being charged. That was most of those present.
Warwick displayed the Big V while Fop left space for Dangerfield's new number.
Mountie presented her remodeled Liberal volunteer vest. They may not select the new design.
The new-look Glider told an airline/crabs story in fine detail.
The meal was a selection of fine pies from that German supplier.
 For those not biking across South America the next run will be Rowdy's Daylight Savings from Nuggety Dam.

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