Thursday, October 29, 2015

26/10/15 Plucca's Halloween Run Bunninyong

We should not have been surprised at the mysterious events of this evening.
  1. Despite all the recent balmy weather, a cold chill greeted us at the Bunningyong Gardens
  2. The run markings had been obliterated by a downpour that showed on no radar.
  3. Then, at that witching hour just as the sun set (and the BBQ food was ready),  the garden sprinklers having obviously taking offence at Half a Bar's adjectives, inundated us.
Surely enough evidence of the occult at work. There was no sign of a human hand at work. At least a proportion of Hash is certain that no human factor could influence the weather.
Rowdy was welcomed back from Kakoda.
 The Bill was urged to use his influence to round up the Stocco fugitives.  The subsequent rash of arrests of the nation's miscreants are testament to his influence.
Alliterative charges included; Bloodcurdling Bent,Frightening Fluid,the Hobgoblin Half a Bar,Macabre Mrs. D, the Poltergeist Plucka, Repulsive Rear Entry and of course the Spectre Silic.

Next Week The Park Hotel, Alfredton

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