Monday, October 12, 2015

12/10/15 5 Ways Stand - In Hare Pusbucket Drinks SS

The stand - ins, as usual at Hash, made the transition seamlessly. The pus colored run took us around the water races in the area. Fluid Movement channelled Mountie by throwing herself onto the dirt. Shafted applied the necessary first aid in between investigating the recent adornments to the landscape.
The Natalie show on Sunday was reviewed. SOS got to display his tallent for electrical engineering and Bent displayed superhuman strength in wrenching the lid from a water bottle.Fluid found her way home eventually.
Lois was reminded not to donate her handbag when helping the kids to shift. Nummy was warned that sending D&D with Drambuie amongst a drug cartel and Donuts, with his habit of dropping his bike, may have be a bit overconfident.
Half a Bar showed concern for the dog that bit Mrs D. Fortunately she can scull left handed.Plucka was commended for rising from her sick bed to administer drinks.
The pending Balls Up - on Oct 24th at Kew Golf club $75 was promoted. See Lois if you are interested in attending.
Next Week's run Mrs D's from Lake Esmond featuring whole foods.

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