Tuesday, October 20, 2015

19/10/15 Mrs Dickhead's Lake Esmond Run

The spectacular backdrop of the reeds of Lake Esmond ablaze was the setting for this week's On After. The fire could be viewed as the local brigade reducing rampant undergrowth or as Bait pointed out, the destruction of Reed Warbler's nesting sites.
The run took us a long way to the east- even as far as Scentbark Lane - as noted by the Fill-In Screw.
Five of the runners did locate a sensible shortcut through someones backyard.
We welcomed back The Bill from his sabbatical, some Jason's and met Dr Death, who seemed to have seen better days.
Shafted approved of the venue as it was an old quarry.
The latest setback to the bikers in South America is Drambuie's capitulation to altitude sickness.
D&C was commended for watching while Pebbles run his sixth marathon this year.
Flo Jo and Jack were charged with mistaken identity.
 Spartacus was charged with being seen at a lot of pubs on the weekend.

Lois is looking for assistance on Sunday with organizing Nash Hash.
Next run is Buninyong Gardens with a Halloween theme.

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