Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2/11 Spartacus The Park.

Proving that Hash hold no grudges, Spartacus was allowed to set another run, This policy is now under review.
The run pack was lost after 100 metres. They cast about, finding improbable portions of trail, were misdirected to the drink stop before stumbling back to the pub in fading light. Beer Fuck did at least spy some walkers and made the inspired decision to join them. He alone of the run" pack" located the drink stop. Stand in Screw, Fop gave the Hare due recognition.
The walk was not without event, with Silic narrowly avoiding serious harm by breaking a fall with his face.
It is advisable when trravelling overseas to make sure your companion is not likely to abandon you at the first mishap. It is good to hear that Normal,Dumb and Dumber and Donuts still enjoyed their holidays despite leaving fellow travellers hospitalised.
Rear Entry and Pebbles were recognised as new age men, having spent Saturday afternoon with an otherwise female audience at "The Dressmaker". Rear Entry is looking forward to Fashions in the Field at the Cup.

Next week's run will be in the bush.

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