Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31/8/15 Pusbucket's Run & BBq Miller's Arms.

An initially small group of hashers swelled in number as the run headed in the predicted compass point.
The passing of Bait's mum was sadly noted.
The date was noteworthy as the GM's birthday and the first day for 2 months without a claim against Bill Cosby.
The incident at last weeks footy where some Magpie folk were passing constructive criticism on to the Richmond players, only to receive rude gestures in return, was rightly sheeted home to Rear Entry.
D&D and Nummy's attempt at social climbing by moving to Alfredton seems to have backfired as the place sees to be some sort of ISIS enclave, with bomb disposal day having to fit in with the recycling program.
The run drew high praise from the Screw. His attention to detail included placement of Pussy at critical junctures.
Rowdy's proclivity for calling "On Right" when the mark pointed left indicates perhaps that his color blindedness is affecting other neurological functions.
 This did not prevent Runners, Walkers and Slackers from meeting at the sheltered drink stop.
At one point, all the "deer" jokes and anything connected were trotted out.
Road Runner brooked no interruptions and the stand-in grog master got the quantity and the discount about right.
Bart's passing resulted in many with passing connection to the Sport of Kings getting a drink
.Bait bore the brunt of Geelong's capitulation.

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