Wednesday, September 9, 2015

7/8/2015 Shafted's Creswick Run

Creswick: a picturesque town cradled between volcanic hilltops depicting the grand architecture of a byegone era or as the Hare with his carefully chosen trail demonstrated- a drizzly,slippery,prickle-infested mudheap.
Charges were directed by the temporary stand in deputy assistant Choirmaster and the fill in Sergeant.
We welcomed back Teflon who was the only runner to return clean and Squizzy who didn't see much to worry him. Teflon and GILF seem to be at loggerheads over the quantity of his runs.
 Pauline and Lois were spotted going the wrong way on a tram.
Our Demon supporters were gathered- not because of tanking or a proclivity for attracting terminal illness, but for stuffing up elsewhere. They missed a Black Caviar like stretch of consecutive results at Ethiad by actually winning a match.
Mountie bequeathed the wooden spoon to Num Num on Carlton's behalf.
SOS showed that our grandparents" coiffure was ahead of their time.
The crocodile had left the bar at the American.

 Black Tie Night next week.- at a heavily subsidised $25, surely a bargain. Bus trip from the City Oval Pub at around 6:00 sharp for interestig parts as yet unknown. Let someone know if you will be late as we don't have names.
Home by 12:00.

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