Tuesday, August 25, 2015

24/8/15 Miner's Tavern Flo Jo & Jack

A good gathering of Sovereign Hash with just the one token miner. Well done Rowdy.
No Pebbles. Some suggested he was laying low, avoiding share market investors.

The run explored more of central Ballarat, barely negotiated by Precious, brought us to a remarkably well provisioneddrink stop. Chicken sandwiches, mini rolls AND exotic beer. Not to mention those spritely women doing their boot camp things to Bubba's satisfaction.

Lots of welcomes back: Good to see Karen from Colac, Pall Bearer from Mt Clear, and SS from his adventure before dementia and Fluid Movement from her sabatical.

Bad Hare Day was a banner headline in the paper and prompted appropriate drinks. Superannuants recently impoverished were grateful for a free drink

Mountie returned from Port Douglas with arms infested by sandflies. Her application of haemorrhoidal ointment to the affected area, while soothing, just proved her continued inability to tell her arse from her elbow.

A sumptious meal followed.

 Next week to the Miller's Arms for a BBQ. Good of Num Num to offer to be Keeper of the Book, Hash Cash and Hash Flash.
Her job will be made easier when we locate the camera, the money tin or the book.

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