Friday, September 25, 2015

21/9/15 Miner's Tavern Rear Entry

Another run from the venue that is becoming our new spiritual home. Despite the trail being marked every 5 metres, we lost Rowdy again but found Shafted. Mountie did indicate the location of the drink stop with some work samples. Fluid Movement screwed the run, much to D&D's disapointment as he had prepared a script.
We located Rowdy well to the right of his old carpool mates. The times have indeed changed.
We toasted the departure of a much loved Hash appendage who had been present for so many runs. Vale Glider's elbow extension. We miss you already.
Rear Entry was commended for bravery in making demands of Biggsy. Sometimes that can end in tears.
Scientists had discovered signs of early man in Africa. Perhaps it would have been easier for them to visit Hash. Spencer Hocking and the Missing Links bore the charge.
The Sergeant admonished the GM for not updating the horticultural tips and for duplicating all his intended charges.
Next week at The Miller's Arms.

Half a Bar had worked hard to present his car-hire theft joke flawlessly. Unfortunately his timing was again out as the meals arived just prior to the punchline.

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