Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1729 Hare Not The Bill Not Normal but Bait

Definitely an "S" themed evening.
Welcome back to Sticky (and her dad), even though she wanted Hash to be postponed until she was good and ready to make an entrance.
Those regretting the departure of  Silly Speaker  were asked to place their wallets on the bar to fund her future transport needs.
Cecil the lion also departed. Cecil is of course, named after a bike so Bent had that drink.
Cilla asked us to "Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty", an instruction that was ignored by the hare . We did, however,run out of sight of the On On this week.
Hash is never wary of taking a position on issues of the day. Pussbucket was credited with the notion that Goodsey be equipped with real spears for his next dance as a method to progressively cull the dissidents at Swans games.
Pebbles added to our combined marathon tally by running in Sunny Queensland.
BP and the Sergeant are sojourning to Spain.
SS was naturally mentioned in his absence.
Red Dress run in a couple of weeks so we would welcome ideas for a worthy charity to support.
Black Tie is also coming up so look out for details.

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