Tuesday, August 18, 2015

17/8/2015 Dazed and Confused & Pebbles Red Dress Run ,Seymours

An attractive group of hashers looked even better than usual, glammed up for the event. Some were pressed into drag while the usual suspects made the most of the opportunity to frock up. Some favoured full length numbers,while others chose accessories to complement their ensembles. Pebbles apparent tribute to an Uncanny-X man was a mystery.
Donations were directed to Ballarat District Nursing& Healthcare to assist their welfare work.
The run took in downtown Ballarat where blokes attired in red apparel were seen pushing a broken down male model into a car park. The drink stop was cleverly sited to avoid the non-existent rain and was close enough to the On After to preclude many taking "travellers".
Nummy recognised the Hare's tribute to the marriage equality debate.
Gilf, Pebbles and Num Num received numerical charges. Jack's similarity to Sharon Stone and Madonna seems purely chronological.
Half-a-Bar told the one about the Irishman confusing his protestants with his prostitutes with his usual panache. That is- a great build up with a fatal hesitation at the ... punchline.
A warming meal to complete the night.
Next week at The Miner's Tavern.
Keep September 14th free for the Black Tie Night.

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