Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10/8/15 Fop's Run from The Western

Western theme night from the Western saw almost all buy in to the theme,
with the usual exemptions (Rear Entry, Boot Rooter, and Silic looking
like a Western Canadian Lumberjack wearing the jacket he always wears.)

Royalty was present , not in the form of Her Vagesty, rather the GM of
Woollongong HHH, Triple Zero, and his trusty sidekick F U. They were
given welcome down downs prior to setting off.
A modern day record of 13 runners ran the run, well set radiating around
the Western, with a "Heavy Halt" at both of the Foster Running stores.
No one got lost or left behind, although Jack took a very long time for
a pee through the SPC fence. Bait led the walkers, Lois again left out
in the cold.
The drink stop consisted of a choice of home brew on tap, and met with
general acclaim, and the cracking whip of Glider.

Rowdy was forced by D&D in the role of GM for the night, with Spence the
fill in temporary Sergeant. Charges seemed to revolve around Rear Entry
being a slack prick, and FU being charged for being present; Shafted
wondered why Triple zero came equipped with an eastern theme to a
Western themed night? Pebbles got the Keefe and Thomas loser charge,
Lois the Kiwi loser charge, FOP the Michael Clarke loser charge, and no
one mentioned Carlton.
Plucka got charged for not getting charged, but by then FU was fucked up
by all her down downs.
Meals were well served, tasty and convivial.

Next weeks run is the Red Dress Run from Seymours, hosted by Pebbles and

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