Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Run 1728 Road Runner North Britain

No hashers went astray on the run. Perhaps it helped that we were never more than a few blocks from the On On. What the run lacked in subtlety, it compensated with brevity.
There was a surprising appearance by an old hasher in Bones, and a less surprising one by Wet Spot.
The drink stop at the Barber's Shop featured the 4 Spencers.
 Down Downs at a good price.
Alls wells from SS travelling north and Dribbles who briefly, lived up to his name.
Mrs D had plenty of charges to offer on the occasion of her 450th, which was just as well as the Sergeant appears to require a longer run up to whet his creative juices. It would be fair to acknowledge that he had committed his one charge to memory.
At last Pusbucket to the rescue with one of his expansive charges. No cryptic punchline though, just something about setting runs in the plural.
A Normal run at the Grapes next week. Red Dress fundraiser and Black Tie coming up.

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