Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RUN 1707 Venue: Sovereign Hill Car Park Hare: Normal 2 March 2015

The sealed surface meant it was the closest the Bill’s newest car has ever been to the ON ON.  It was such a nice evening a happy camper couple was holed up in a caravan in the car park to get an earful of farks.  They were waiting for the night show in Sovereign Hill.

The running pack set off toward the Gold Museum and hit the hills while the walkers went to flats of Main Road.   Set on the classic Breast Stroke pattern that has rubbed off on Normal. The convergence was back at ye old gay house to reminisce and toast the old pop at the Drink Stop.

On Home to the warm welcome of the crew that were setting an ambience and lubricating their tonsils with cold beer to aid the secret practicing of the screw tune to ensure an impeccable delivery.  

Welcome back to Hymie, Roadrunner and Plucka.  Small "s" significant runs tonight, to Pebbles had home time, three thirty (330), Silic was 3LO (774). MRS D 343 had a nice ring to it. Rear Entry claimed to be on several thousand (3,773) way more than The Bill’s 1473 and SS’s 1499, put together.

Heavy entrusted his tune of Williamson’s Hey True Blue to a lubricated choir including Shafted, Halfabar, Silic, Rear Entry and Mountyie.

Hey Norm Al.

Is it true?

That you had an arsehole transplant

And it rejected you.


Even when She's far away Normal feels Her Near.

Hey Masterbait, is it me and you
Did you really get that pissed off?
When I sold your T shirt too
Masterbait, I'm a-asking you

The old mates had a drink together, keen to bury the hatchet and sink the slipper.

Rear Entry couldn’t repair the music machine and replaced it with a witches hat megaphone.  Mountyie wanted more of Hymen workouts and harassed him repeatedly. Mrs D was reunited with the set of clothes she had left behind last week. NQA.

A complete range of cucumbers to please all was made available to the ladyies to work off their Hymie slimeys. Shafted was made to take his down downs through the megaphone.

Pus Bucket was dogged in his joke telling of the 3 mutts at the vets, 2 in for castration for overzealous digging and biting and the third, a German Shepherd’s guilty of rampantly humping his bent over female owner meant castration also?  No just a nail trim actually!

Down Downs went around and around and ON and ON, Fluid Movement kept it flowing. Ain’t Autumn great! The trailer got drank dry so fresh grog next week.  On Afters at Top Eureka for most and the Burger Cart for some Thai tarses.

Note; Most awards in for some work. Normal’s bringing in the Kettle, Her Vagesty has the Piss Pot. Who has the Shit House Run dunny lid and the Spectacle? All to be redistributed at the Awards Night, 16 March, Seafood Spectacular and musician. Could be some one's 1500th too.


Next Week’s Run: Rowdy Committee Run Labour Day Weekend, Free Beer and sausages to all Ticket Holders

Theme; Three Gongs pre Award event

Venue; The Gong Reservoir Car Park

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