Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RUN 1708 Venue: Gong Gong Reservoir Hare: Rowdy 9 March 2015

Rowdy, Trail Master extraordinaire put his hand up for setting a run on the eastern edge of his side of town at the Gong Car Park Barbicuaria.  With just a dozen or so expected after the Labour Day long Weekend, how easy it should be.  A quiet back to basics night with a few snags in bread; BUT hashers kept coming out of the woodwork and voted with their feet on an enchanting Autumnal eve.  Blue collars everywhere. Surprisingly no one managed to bribe the CHW groundsman to leave the gate open for an extra hour or two so we had to park cars outside the perimeter fence.

"ON ON" the Billy Goat cried. Hashers headed up the hill leaving the rotunda guard Silicate as well as Rear Entry and Bad Hair Day to secure the base BBQs and ensure they remain free of Begonia Bogans. 

The good pack of runners took off on a 7km jaunt in the catchment forest of the granite based Gong reservoir while the weaker walkers walked the water way.  The comfortable convergence brought all together at poly-box Drink Stop packed with Fosters, girlies and lots of ice.

We dawdled on Home to the rotunda, warmed the hot plates and set up lights for an illuminating dusk - and kept drinking Rowdy’s Fosters, XXXX Gold and Boags etc…

Welcomes backs to Bungee, Paul and Spence. Significant runs tonight to LOIS LANE, on Honda CB 750, something that has been ridden a lot.  Rear Entry was coming behind on a Yammie 650, Precious was palindromic and SOS was two ate two.

The Choir of brethren belted out a stunning rendition of Heavy’s twisted ditty “You Don’t Get me I’m Part of the Union”

Now I'm a hashing man
Amazed at what I am
I’ll stay for a drink
Then I’ll piss in your sink
Yes, I'm a hashing man.

When we meet in the local hall
I'll be drinking with them all
With a hell of a shout
Don’t let the Down Downs run out
And laugh about Silic’s… rubber ball.

OOOH you don't get me I'm part of the Hashers
You don't get me I'm part of the Hashers
You don't get me I'm part of the hashers
Till the day I die, till the day I die.

As a hashing man I'm wise
And tell all the new tarts lies
That I have a big tool
That makes women drool
But they always read between the lines.

And when I get my way
I will promise not to stray

But when my dick gets hard
It looks for another Yard
This is what I say.

OOOOH you don't get me I'm part of the Hashers
You don't get me I'm part of the Hashers
You don't get me I'm part of the Hashers
Till the day I die, till the day I die.

Rowdy drank saluting Solidarity Forever!


Spence called for charges to the randomly targeted subjects of the song. Silicate, Mrs Dickhead.

Spence was in Launceston and missed a monty as he didn’t Hold True to his convictions. Tassie Map talk abounded and MastaBait in his Ray Charles glasses showed how to read Lois Lane’s map in Braille while Beer Fuck thought clitoris was an island off of Greece famous for its ouzo.


SILICATE sausages bread and onion.

SILICATE’n’ Rear Entry were heard to advise Dumb and Dumber which security motion sensors can detect snail pace slothful stealth. Don’t know how they knew so much.

SILICATE up the accolades when telling a well-received joke about the Lone Ranger leaving his “Injun running”. Poor Tonto marked the culmination of Down Downs.

Next Week’s Run: AWARDS NIGHT expect First Ever 1500th

Theme; St Patricks, Green, IRISH MUSIC and Pobjoy’s Piano Accordian

Venue; OLD COLONISTS CLUB in Lydiard St North

Meal; Seafood extravaganza and Kentucky flied

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