Sunday, March 29, 2015

RUN 1710 Venue: Platypussy Mt Clear Hare: Criss Cross 23 March 2015

(abbreviated) Criss Cross, Got us to his Rear Entry for the Platypus properties virgin run.

ON ON back out the back gate onto an old train track and back. Over a fence or two.  Up a track and back down to the drink stop at the Recreation Reserve. Pretty painless and missed a few of the promised mountain bike tracks.

Welcomes backs to Sideshow Bob who brought along Virgin Runner, fraulein Kim to meet last weeks frauleins.  Kim Jong Un of North Korea twisted to Lee Kwon Yew of Singapore who had just passed on. So Leak On You twisted to Golden Showers and back to Leak on You.

Welcome back Bar Liquor and Two Dicks was there to back up Criss Cross with some nice tucker.

Significant runs for Pebbles had drawn three sets of tits in the Book like 333.  Sideshow Bob had six with Leak On You on her first run. 

Heavy work load led to Heavy not scribing a song so Rowdy improvised with;

Hot Cross Buns

Criss Cross Runs,
Bums Sums Mums


Spence called for charges Shafted re told the Jacko joke and pointed out the Evil Little bong like “wasp trap” in the hanging basket.


Next Week’s Run: Midnights run by Rowdy

Theme; Lust of the light bush

Venue; Slatey Creek

Meal; BBQ (if we can get the trailer there)

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