Saturday, March 28, 2015

RUN 1709 Venue: Old Col Awards and SS1500!! Hare: The Bill 16 March 2015

This had every chance of being the best yet 1500th run night, naturally for one of our Older Hashers, SS. and it happened to coincide with the Annual Awards Night (held yearly).


Billy Goat set a beaut little run, down Mair, through Old Tanya’s carpark, we then skirted below Camp and through a narrow “private” access to Sturt St much to the chagrin of a resident. We then headed east but deviated in the mall to run past the Old Hamburger Cart to see if Silic was there yet.  We waved to the other Old Bill’s on Dana St then on to remember the days of the Old School yard where we used to laugh a lot.  We then ran through the Old jail, on to the Old brewery to wave to Old Bertie, on back along Lydiard down to the Drink Stop at the Old ANA building (All Natives Association).  Appropriately a Mr Ginn unveiled 1925 foundation stone on Old St Patrick’s day 1925).


Welcomes backs to lot of distinguished older and some just kinda former hashers who were gathering at Old Col to acknowledge the first ever 1500th Run for one of our own.  SS has run something approaching 88% of Ballarat Sovereign Hash runs since inception by Founding Father Ed (WILBUR) Davis.  WILBUR regally headed a bunch that also returned to the fold including SPIDER, PUFFER, GASSER, LEN EVANS, CC, HOT LIPS, SEMEN, SPANNA, SQUIZZY and REMOTE.

We also had several First Timers for the night, all the way from Germany, Katja and Kristina, and all the way from central Victoria, Newstead NED and Bendigo BEN. The virgins balanced the Vets with their youth.  Fresh from Busselton, In Limbo was the principal representative delegate from outside Hash kennels

Lots of acknowledging Down Downs were forthcoming for SS along with a few gifts to mark the occasion;

Photo printed1500 T shirt, a singing fish and a fancy pen. His “Oh SS Boy” song was done proppa by APob.
Happy Birthday Little Evil, could he choose between the delectable Deutsche? The Invading central vic boys almost stole them and the scene.


Other awards for the evening were;

PISS POT OF THE YEAR  FOP-- for his Green out at the Balls Up.

TIGHT ARSE PRICK -- Half a Bar for his continued insistence that his 75 cent bottles of wine were as good as grunge.

F’ING SPECTACLE --Silic hunted through Plucka’s flywire screen door without opening it when her virgin run was unveiled

POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK – Mounty got the nod from Rowdy for her “rental property” revelation.

SHIT HOUSE RUN -- Candida had a great night in the School Gym but there were too many strains sprains and pulled muscles…Plus she loves the toilet seat trophy so much it would be cheeky to part her from it.

SHIT HOT RUN – BP for Her 1000th at La Gerche’s, great first time setting (nothing to do with Bent who tried to copy her some weeks later)

CLUBMAN AWARD.--.Lois Lane got the AhSo award for her ongoing efforts especially in the counting house.

Honourable Mentions to Spence for helping out and Rowdy for his grand effort having set five Runs off his own bat!

Dummies to FOP, Normal, Silic, and Fluid Movement


Andy Pobjoy and sidekick Sean entertained for the rest of the night after our sumptuous Seafood Extravaganza (apologies to Plucka Duck).  Thanks also go to Bill the Barman at the Old Col for his tolerance and service and to Phil from Ballarat Seafood who ensure we had the best quality Prawns and Oysters at the Best price.

Next Week’s (now Last week’s) Run: CRISS CROSS

Theme; Hot Cross Buns

Venue; 14 plait her Puss aven you Mount her Clear

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