Monday, February 23, 2015

RUN 1706 Venue: Douggie Dean’s Reserve Delacombe Hare: Pebbles 23 February 2015

A similar looking crowd masquerading as Hashers at the same venue? Whoops too many intellects there under the big wall less rotunda.  Pebbles knew the chilling southerly was on so we our tight mob got under the northern veranda of the change rooms.

A cold change is usually not a change but today it was. After a balmy night in the twenties the day deteriorated into the low teens for the run with some rain and a floating scotch mist to boot. A baker’s dozen runners partook of Pebbles’ intriguing trek exploring delectable Delacombe.  Parkland was pretty, residential ripe, Industrial indescribable,  the Twats held the interest of the gents, Bait ensured the Dishlickers were typically topical, out around Smythes Road and on to Peb’s lowered carport for the DrinkStop.   

On Home across the park to welcome back Sinton (that’s not how Rear Entry says it) Spartacus and Bait.  Palindromic runs to Nummy 3 ate 3 and Shafted, for for for for fucks sake.

Heavy pushed Rowdy aside and took the screw reins back and described the run, “as above”.  His song about Pebbles picking up or “Picking up Pebbles and throwing them into the sea” was strongly supported by Bent & Num.

Picking up Pebbles, is very easy you see;

All you need is a vagina and tits to play with for free……..

….and on it went about days gone by and past conquests, when he had the personality of Ms Burns and wanted Rowdy’s in Law’s Hash name.


Despite the lack of sunshine, The Bill’s was screening all Ray’s from his preshmobile that had beading water on its wax and polish. SS took BillyGoat’s carpark on the bitumen while the Billy Goat was proud that the Chinese new year was the year of the Goat!

As usual, Criss Cross was connected to the low carport that sheltered us at the drinkstop.

More breaking news as Sinton told the how you get Powderfinger by putting Car Michael Silic Hunt on to Hoppawarti. And the one about the blonde with the black box called 747.  Birthday battles were on, SOS 30th and Dumb’s dad 100th on the same day.

Could have been a return of the Dummy Spit award tonight. Several nominations including Fluid Movement since noticing she isn’t the GrogMaster designate on the web (note to Mrs D, Must rectify that).  But who is the winner? Siliquestion. Rowdy wanted to put his hand up but was restricted to 2 fingers.

Bloody cold so many were keen to congregate around the warming BBQ where Spartacus had snags and Rear Entry caramelised Silic’s meat.  Helgas bread and snappy salads accompanied.

 Next Week’s Run: Normal


Venue; Sovereign Hill Car Park on after top Eureka

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