Thursday, January 29, 2015

RUN 1702 Venue: State Foster Road then Post Office Road Hare: Donuts 26 January 2015

From a new starting point, we met Donuts just up the road from his previous run's parking area.  A great Aussie Day Bush run up hill and down dale with long stints between checks and halts, it was a links type run to keep running on. The Billy Goat and Shafted took separate paths to mitigate the risk of losing both Masters at once.  The shorter one’s short cut wasn’t so one was nearly lost and the search posse was just setting off to search when woddy waddled wound the woad to the Drink Stop.
Back to PO Rd it was, fire in the hole, (not from curry). We perched over the familiar view. Ballarat to the north and Buninyong to the east.  Welcome Backs to Hoppawati and Remote who volunteered to sizzle the Harriers leftover sausage sizzle snags we acquired via Rowdy’s Randy Bit.  We also had Pebbles roll back in to fill Donuts hole.
Along with a couple of palindromes and coincidental 1009s for Royal twins Prince Rowdy and Princess Mountie (a self confessed “Stornch Publickan”), we had a Royal re-visit of Donuts 600 from the other night.
Having recently lost his spare tyres, Donuts was presented with two big donut shaped floatie tyres.  We found out who found the spare tyres as Lois and Silic hunted high and low to find the tubes, model them them, then one nut got stuck in his!
Australian’s all let us ring Joyce! Shave off your Pubic Hair! Heavy had added some culture and pubic interest to the public’s Anthem for Donut’s Australia day run.  So much so that we will never hear it again without singing “Shave off your Pubic Hair” instead of “Advance Horse Trailer Fair”.
As the entire is select, the entire will published be on a separate blog instead of right hair, right now.
Rumour has it that Tony Habit flew in to pubicly congratulate the new MR and MRS BAA on the weekend at their “Wedding of the Year”. And, that Tony, having conferred widely, left a royal scroll with security for Ballarat Hash Sovereignty Australia Day awards to be presented by Sir Prince Fillip Rowdy with Crown and Sceptre.
Heavy was first on the list to take an award and drink for his services to services and to creative composition. Lois Lane took one for him and in his absence was to read out his acceptance speech.  “It’s an honour your honour and I wish I was more often on her than off her but I’ll take up your offer as once a knight was once enough but now it all too tough so I take a peek just once a week and occasionally sniff her snuff.  So Shave off your Pubic Hair!”
Mrs Dickhead was awarded for her services to the Jasonic Lodge and bringing youth along to lower HHH average age.  Precious got an Australia Day hat to help him get ahead in life though he will struggle to get that mop of long and curlies into it.
SS was knighted Sir SS thus became SSS for his gallant efforts to rid local waters of introduced fish species. Mastabait was renamed Sir Twitcher for his verve for bird watching.  Flamboyant bird, Princess Mounty wouldn’t play the game and thus became Fanny Twitcher
Tony’s personal message for the Last lonely Rear Entry and his OBE got lost, as did he, so we were left to decipher the faded ink to see what scent to Silic but could only detect BO.
Glider had a drink for his passed on Bro-In Law, sympathies to Exit for the loss of her brother
After watching the Fireworks from afar with the simulcast FM radio accompaniment , the chill set in so we adjourned for Spit Roasts and Salads.
Next Week’s Run: Pus Bucket
Theme; By Jiminy, The Cricket Event of The Year
Venue; Sparrow Ground, Spencer Street Ballarat East/Canadian

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