Saturday, January 3, 2015

RUN 1698 Venue: Loch Avenue Hare less Jack and Flo Jo 29 December 2014

Though without many regulars the gang was balanced with an influx of visitors and returnees.  (for example; Sorry was absent without an apology so Brother Warrick slotted in with Jack and Flo Jo.  A couple, Reary and Sil slinked off leaving Bad Hair Day and Rowdy to bond. Couples Gilf/Teflon and Karen/Heavy slipped in to fill the breach.)  We also had Bungie bounce back and Faucet in all the way from Broome.

The recyclable bin was in a challenging position beyond the veranda, the roof of which consequently had to be used as a backboard to bounce a stubby off to land it in the bin. Not for the feint hearted but it earned an idiot a drink.

Coincident runners were NUM and FOP sparking rumours by both hitting 375. Also copping a drink coincidently were Bungie and The Bill.

Heavy screwed the run that set off north, threatened to go east, cut across the city, hospitalised us then we had to have a drink with Duncan.  Then while Jack and Flo Jo spiced up their marriage and the little boys with onion, mustard, AND sauce Heavy hit on a Frank Sumatra hit about “Love and Marriage” ;

Jack & Flo Jo, Jack and Flo Jo
Jack might be bald but he still has his mojo

……………..Just ask, Flo Jo
Because if it’s gossip, she’ll know.

Rowdy and Bent Nose were coincidently called on to fulfil Sergeanting duties with collective professional wit, each contributing a halfwit. 

Snag rolled in late on his bike showing off his six pack.

A BBQ with a difference followed. The burgers were better cos we were Hungry Jack!  The flourless orange cake was pretty sweet too!

Upon getting up to go Nummy’s bottled up frustration with Dumb’s habit of breaking wine glasses burst forth and she showed him how to do it with a wine bottle exploding as it hit the floor.  It got everyone’s attention. (She should have just bounced it off the veranda roof into the bin!).

Next Week’s Run: Fluid Movement  Theme;  Jindabyne Thrust  Venue Jindabyne Street, off Doodts from Black Hill or Alkera from Invermay, near the Water Towers

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