Sunday, January 25, 2015

RUN 1701 Venue: Codes Forest Road Hare: LOIS LANE 19 January 2015

Up Kelly’s Lane or out through the Creswick forest, whichever way, we all met at an unmarked intersection on Codes Forest Road.

Lois set us off on a bit of a bush baash run set off along the east side of the range and back along the west side with some interesting tracks though pine plantations and eucalypt forest.  We had a view of the setting sun through the silly-o-wet of Mounties burger bum.  A visual treat to enjoy with a drink at the stop manned by Pauline.

Back at the circle, Pauline had a drink for his 191 run as did Half a Bar had a 69 on top of his 1000.

Heavy sent his simply pretty ditty in from Leonora to tune of Edelweiss;

Lois Lane, Lois Lane,

Every morning sister greets you

Her house is small and white, clean and bright

And she never looks Happy to see you

When are you going to build a house of your own?

And move out for ever.


Lois Lane and Pauline

Please move out forever


Rowdy returned from his beach break to look after some charging as Spence and a hunk of Hash cycling fans were following the tour down under in SA.

He did a “Pot Calling the Kettle Black” number on Mrs Dickhead for her “as a friend” comments about Mountie’s silhouette in tights.

In recognition of his last HHH run as a single man, Half a Bar had a fair few slurps as a kind of half-a-bucks do. Lois told a version the mother daughter Sportsman’s Special joke.

Silic was blamed for poisoning Boot last week with the Sav slip up. Donuts and Silic wouldn’t shut up planning spit roast for next run.  SS was entwined with some reference to orphan Annie.  Rear Entry stood in as GrogMaster and was going OK until he insanely started tipping out glasses of beer.

Munching on marinated chicken Kebabs followed by schnitzels in rolls was followed by a sweet with buckets of fruit, cream and marshmallows.  The wind chill factor soon clicked in and scattered the crew.

Next Week’s Run: Donuts Shave a Snatch for Charity

Theme; Australia Day Run

Venue; State Forest Road then Post Office Road Ross Creek. $2 Donation Drinks!!

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