Saturday, January 3, 2015

RUN 1697 Christmas Run; Venue: Reptile Gulch Motors Doveton St Hare: Dumb and Nummy 22 December 2014

Mr Hanky, the Christmas poo, has had a rest and can now catch up on the festive Blogs.  All dressed in red, white, green and Christmassy things; we met at Reptile downstairs in the salubrious Car-Over Lounge.  From there we embarked on a simple but eventful little jaunt.

Sprint to Seymour’s upstairs, $50 of pots poured quickly for the first in. Welcome back Forrest and Bubba. A couple of carols then fast to the Freight Bar, upstairs, more pots lined up, sung some carols and we then headed four skin see and serf where Boot Laces hosted and shouted beer for quite a while.  We had some charging and chugging. “Hark; the herald angels sing, Spence has torn another ring.”

On to I wish Murphy’s where Normal invited himself to sit and sup at the smorgasbord of tasty tarts.  Some shirt swapping was enacted with Morgan’s friend.  Carols came thick and fast.

Up to the Grand for last port of call and some carrollingus before the on-home to Car-Over for dinner and more drinks and everything ran like clockwork. Orange and red party lights, music and all.  The only charging then was battery charging for the powered wheel chair of a buddy we picked up along the way. (Reary was beside himself with disconcerted non-concern and much ado about nothing?) He said; “You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry. You’d better not pout I’m telling you why. Rear Entry comes from behind”

More and more drinks and Wowdy singing his widdle heart out till the last there saw Tuesday and wandered home?  “Cum she told me I’m Dumber and Dumb.” Our wonderful hosts, Dumb and Num Num were then free to lock up and leave for their own cosy cot.

Next Week’s Run (that was 29 Dec): Jack and Flo Jo   Theme;  Danish Blue   Venue Loch Avenue

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