Saturday, January 10, 2015

RUN 1699 Venue: Jindabyne Street Hare: Fluid Movement 5 January 2015

The first run of the New Year was at the Jindabyne Street site up near the Water Towers where Fluid Movement had the Red Dress Run from last year. From here on this year the nearest bitumen road to the ON ON will be marked by a big green sign in the form of Billy Goat’s new car!

West, north, west again, around the towers with some strategic scenic halts, east back to the Billy Goat’s Bitumen back along Doodt’s. Further east along the road with the significant roadside vegetation sign ironically camouflaged amongst the rampant Gorse and Pine saplings.  Walkers cut back along the road to the drink stop while the runners navigated a significant roadside pine forest with colourful paint marking the path so no one got lost in the pine forest never got lost in the pine forest never got lost in the pine forest never got lost in the pines.  The Drink Stop in a green green patch of more significant roadside gorse.

The circle was formed within the protective wagon train circle of vehicles, (except for the green one down the road).

Bubba and Forest were welcomed back for their on again off again running relationship (with Forest understandably preferring to be more often on again).

Significant indeed was Donut’s 6 0 0.  A milestone he reckons has come round quickly, like a record, and we don’t see dees much anymore.  I tuned in to what he was saying so we intend more fully re-recognise this significance at his much anticipated Australia Day Run. Dumb had a 949 Spencerdrome, and even the odd date was ssspecified by SS asss another Spencerdrome 5115.

Heavy screwed the run and found himself singing about Fluid Movement for the second time in 6 months. She had gone from Roy’s “Pretty Woman” to Rod’s “Sailing”;

She is sailing,……. She is sailing,
Across Lake,……..Wendoureee,
Filled with water and Fluid Movement,
That just may have come from me!

Spence took over from recent Seargeant stand-ins as Rowdy took relief from practicing and Bent Nose practiced faking characterless straight chimney?

Dumb and Dumber for some reason saw fit to prove he could read from a newspaper cutting in fading light.  Mrs D claimed Spence wasn’t the first (to recognise palindromes) though Heavy has renamed them Spencerdromes.

Precious charged Silic for having more balls than brains.  Silic cleverly countered by challenging Precious to a ball kicking competition.

KFC chunks of chicken and some salad satisfied the whoards. Spencer Hocking liked the idea of five ways with little boys so we will have the forgotten rolls next week at Five Ways as a 1700th run treat along with free drinks!!

Next Week’s Run: SS Theme;  1700 RUNS & SS’s 88 per cent  Venue Five Ways, White Swan Road, Free Drinks and Savs then on after at Top Eureka (Look out for the Hash sign and The Bills Car at the turn off)

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