Saturday, June 7, 2014

RUN 1665 Venue: One Hunt Hare: Heavy 2 June 2014

1665 was the year the black plague hit the City of LONDON big time, exacerbated by a particularly hot summer. Nobility cleared out to the isolated safety of their country estates.  The Clergy likewise headed for the hills to preach to their brethren from afar. Such was the drivel filling in time awaiting the HARE’S extrication from the kitchen.

One Hunt is in a park like setting nestled at the foot of Black Hill and bounded by the Yarrowee Brook.  It lies DEEPly ROOTED in the historic GOLD producing country of the Fabulous East.  HEAVY’s Humid Humus Humpy is Heaped in Horticultural Honours including Heirloom plants and productive fruit trees.
The walk comingled with the run almost (perfectly so HEAVY said) basically circumnavigating Bridge Mall in a wide arc back to DS at ANOTHER FOSTER Family office. The Coopers were cool and pale and we Headed On Home to Hunt.

Welcomes Backs to the SORRY Menage e trois including FLOJO and JACK, DONUTS were round again as were PEBBLES, The happy CampCampers SPENCE, REAR ENTRY and SILIC returned browned up and opalescent after their northern Jaunt, GARY and KATE attended to help FOSTER relative harmony.
Sniffycnt runs were SPENCE 1010, PEBBLES palindromic 383 or something, KKKKATE & KKKKAROL building two nice pair, NUMMY had a 351 for DUMMY to tinker with and rev up.

The prodigal SCREW had only just returned from 5 week in the wilderness missing 5 HHH runs but getting on very well with Mrs P and 5 chunky daughters.  But Shyly set about screwing himself again and singing about his inverse humility. “Lord its Hard to be Humble when your perfect in every way”. Fortunately this was counter balanced by some creative contributions from MRS D with JOELENE cum HEAVY “I beggin of you please don’t eat my HAM” and ROWDY with some songs including cleverly juxtaposed words in Paul Kelly’s” From Little Things BIG Things Grow”, a Story about HEAVY and SHAFTED and that eating and drinking cannot make you thinner but ROOTING too much can make your dick RAW.

Seargent SPENCE assumed (or resumed) the position coming between his Camp Buddies SIL and REAR ENTRY and charging them for not using protection. SILIC had something in his throat that made his voice DEEP and Dignified, enough to light Lois’s aural fire, until he coughed.

HEAVY planned to do some simple fare, burgers and mash for Hash, but as ROWDY ‘s run notice email had pumped up the clever clod’s culinary capabilities, he felt compelled to raise the BAR and whip up some home grown, homemade Hash….. Pumpkin Soup, Speck Ham Risotto, and a Quince Crumble for dessert.
We chim chimminied around the fire in the new bulging Chiminea warming our old bulging bellies for a while more.


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