Monday, June 30, 2014

RUN 1669 Hare: Spartacus Venue: JDs Sports Bar

Spartacus the Sandled Sportsman set a sporting run in the biting cold from JDs sports Bar. The idea of setting the run on a piece of paper, with cryptic clues leading to a cryptic drinks stop, smacked of the former teacher. 1912 SANK was the answer, but many decided to drink, not think, and missed out on not  a bad run.
Heavy unfortunately failed to grasp the nettle by the thorns and had nothing cryptic in his screw. Mind you, Heavy has never known what a cyptic screw might be. Greek orthodox?
Glen Campbell's Galveston, or Spartacus oh Spartacus, was the song of the night, but the melodic charm of the absent GM was noted
The one thing learnt is that The Bill has no idea. Well over a thousand runs and The Bill has no idea.
At least he recognised the departed Max pre run with a communal drink.
Welcome drink to HAL the deep space uniforker from Montana, and many follow up charges to Silic, the unishooter, for staining his sheets, and changing his sheets, and cracking the sheets at charges not related to him.
Rowdy was charged for missing out on the dwarf tossing, or being a Ranga, or something from the weekend. Boot Rooter apparently got a close head job in Vietnam.
Next weeks' run is by Num Num Nummy from 103 Cuthberts Rd, Alfredton

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