Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RUN 1667 Venue: Park Hotel on Sturt Street Hare: Phuckwittphil 16 June 2014

Punkxsutawney PHIL got caught up in a Groundhog day loop from which he couldn’t free himself so he called on the Gallant Sir PussBucket to ride to rescue and pull his finger out his bum and set a Plum Run.

As 1667 is nearly the same in Roman Numerals as 1666 we had another ground hog day loop to enable ROWDY to revel in the marvel he missed last week. If last week was “better than a palindrome” this was one better again, MDCLXVI and I. (It took his mind off SILIC’S dogs eating his and PEBBLES’ pies.)
When we ran out into the night we didn’t need a ground hog to tell us that the winter weather will indeed, likely persist for six more weeks at least.
We ran through Aldi and around Old Alfredton, lumbering longingly along Longley looking for lines then into the deep dark of Vic Park. The old drones ambled lop-sidely around the camber of the old veladrome to a Hash Halt at the heel or foot of the imposing mullock dump of the United Hand-in-Hand and Band of Hope  Shaft, later known as the Park Company  where gold was mined from the Inkerman Lead, a former tributary of the Yarrowee buried deep under basalt. But, as PussBUCKET would say, “I digress”…. Slip slop through shiggy in the park, on up to Gillies (more pies) and to the Drink Stop under cover of the closed bottleshop. A Good Gallop for those willing to “put in” chasing well marked trail and Love Bare Tail.
We settled into the smoker free smoker zone with heaters alight and the rolley doors down. Welcomes Back to PEBBLES and HYMEN (what all the hash tarts sorely miss) and NORMAL (who was travelling ON LAVE (sic), not on sick leave where, as rumour has it, he had his wallet and all emptied by a tribe of tyrannical thai trannies).  With sniffycnt runs was MOUNTIE on 979 not 797, and HEAVY on free fat fraulines, 888. (THE BILL doesn’t NORMALLy miss those!)  KWAK’s 6 weren’t important enough unless LOIS said it.
HEAVY was verily virile and rampant in his eagerness to SCREW.  As Gallant SIR PUSSBUCKET, who was the fill in for PHIL who flew the coup, had likewise flown the coup after setting the plum run, it became incumbent on Damsel in Distress DAME MOUNTIE to fill in for PHIL’s in fill and take one for the team on behalf of her other half. (Thanks also to the ladies for helping with the food.) 
As earlier this month we mourned the death of the Doc who went off with The Angels and we are never gonna see his face again, HEAVY’s fitting tribute fitted in PHUCKWITT PHIL and hairy Arse; (that’s a semi colon not a colon Doc)
Coarsely yet melodically, “Can’t stop the memory that keeps going through my brain.
The thoughts of his hairy arse make want to NUM NUM the pain.
Are we ever gonna see his arse again? NO WAY GET FCKD FCK OFF!” (“Fark!” HALF A BAR barked, “I know half the words.”)
ROWDY took the Sargeant Bull by the Horns and there was obscure charging about foozeball, happy honeyspoon to GILF, World Cup and some firm Brazillian soccer balls begging a little more pumping.  GLIDER as Bridesmaid offered something old something new borrowed something blue, a knob of elbow grease? SILIC couldn’t drag his attention from SkyChannel greyhound coverage and rooting for the PinkBox.
MRS D praised HEAVY for bring-a-friending, berated Immaculate Conception for glass-a-rolling, HALF A BAR, though he has had plenty of Sheep and other farm yard friends, has never had a pig! He gained points for dressing his BAR LIQUOR BAR DEE DOLL and coming as a “his and hers Half-A-Ruckman set”. He was intending to speak to SPIDER about the DEES win over the DONS but it was a SORE POINT. Happy Campers, SILIC, ROADRUNNER decamped prematurely and REAR ENTRY disappeared so he couldn’t elaborate on his much anticipated……..
Next Week’s Run: The Old Home Town Looks the Same with return to the Greene Greene Grass of Home at Biggsy’s  Battler’s Tavern on Bakery Hill.

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