Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RUN 1666 Venue: Queens Head Hotel Hare: SOS 9 June 2014

1666, while thinking with the pack that the prime relevance of the number was the year of London Burning (The title of a song by THE CLASH, the Anarchic band that also sang LONDON CALLING), ROWDY by email alerted to the golden fact that 1666 is the only year/number that includes all the Roman numerals in descending order MDCLXVI!!!! (always remember, Not Methodist Ladies College.) ROWDY was very excited “better than a palindrome”

Further to this, a popular belief was that the Messiah would return to earth in the year 1666, especially by a lot of Jewish people. (HALF A BAR was afraid to go to Hash Hell in the 4th dimension, preferring to focus on 3D goals with ROWDY).

As with last week, another walk comingled with the run but with a stuttering starting and numerous on-backs, wending its way down the Yarrowee, and once more to 1 Hunt via the foot of Black Hill.  The Queens Crowns and girlie drinks were cool as we stood under the gas heater at the REAR ENTRY of the SOSSY Shack and admired the coronations in the garden.

Welcomes Back after an extended break of 20 years or so to BUNGEE, looking more youthful than his former contemporaries.  (ie SS, BENT and THE BILL who said he once had to make him Pullover out near Cardigan and found BUNGEE had a JUMPER named after him.)

Sniffycnt runs were in short supply so we had to re-KKKKall on KKKKarol on 5 now has a nice Hand Full.

As the run was almost a duplication of his own run the week prior, he had to rate is highly, adding it had only taken SOS 10 years to cotton on. 

The SCREW kept with the Queen Birthday imposed theme and sang “God Save Our Salacious SOS, too long reined over us”.   He then had to FLESH out the meaning of SALACIOUS that has SOS down to a T, “relating to sex in a way that is excessive or offensive”. With synonyms including: pornographic, obscene, indecent, improper, indelicate, crude, lewd, erotic, titillating, arousing, suggestive, sexy, risqué, coarse, vulgar, gross, dirty, ribald, smutty, filthy, bawdy, earthy. Also, an anagram of SOS TOSS OFF almost makes FOSTER SOFT. (Hard to say out loud)

Seargent SPENCE ducked in last week but had ducked off again taking BOOTROOTER with him to keep a closer eye on him….so SHAFTED, having to Seargent solo slipped out of the sepulchre to weturn with a wonderful wooden weapon to wave awound with which to bestow Kweens Birfday awards;

The look of enthusiasm could be clearly seen with tightly pursed lips (on her face) she and Hubby were Damed /Knighted for their dis-service to the republican movement, arise DAME MOUNTY and SIR PUSSBUCKET. (he does tickle her with his lance a lot and you must admit it does have a ring to it!)

Speaking of rings, BHD’s Ring Finger got a rise out of FM when they came together on the run he reminisced about HOPAWATI. “To the second knuckle” he claimed.

Back to before the run, DUMB told the tale a large dog having an endless weekend as it died while humping QUEEN NUMMY’S leg. PUSS BUCKET had to bury it (the dog not the leg. nor the bone nor the lance) and not having the digging intent of a miner, he would have preferred it be a Chihuahua.  He had to get his buddy SPARTACUS out the front with NUMMY between them as she has two legs to die for.

SILIC UNTIL he coughed had a nice DEEP voice but it was now back to NORMAL.  He took so long to get OUT THE FRONT of the Circle we may have to move the CIRCLE to SILIC next time. On out the BACK DOOR to the toasty Dining Room where we was fed, and with a bottle of wed, made most welcome….until we weren’t.

Oh, Last Week’s Run was One Heavy Hunt, then as next week’s hare was not there, we had to wait until someone’s cloud of dementia momentarily lifted and  it was revealed that;

Next Week’s Run: PHUCKWIT FILL @ PARK HOTEL on Sturt Street, West of Gillies Street

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