Saturday, May 3, 2014

RUN 1660: 11 Park Street Hare: Mrs Dickhead and major minors, 28 April 2014

After finding a street park in Park Street between the wheeely buns, we headed out back of the house to the cosy shed then off we set on run 1660……around the streets of Newington and with another visit to Vic Park fringe without dwelling too long. So close to Beer Fkucs but no stop at as the party is over!
Back home to the Heaters where REAR ENTRY had relationship troubles and couldn’t reunite the Gas Bottle and the BBQ.  SPENCE sorted it all as he found the Bottle and the BBQ were both young boys and he got them successfully connected.

Welcomes Back to FLUID MOVEMENT after a month AWOL she didn’t understand Anzac day and spent all Autumn figuring how we May have a March in April.  No BP or BENT in their patch despite all efforts to have the run starting on their side of Pleasant Street.

In the absence of the regular SCREW, ROWDY gladly volunteered to do the deed for Mrs D.  High in praise was he, nice tight run around the rim of residential area, a little bush, park, back lanes, to the ample drink stop in the Wagon, definitely not on the Wagon.  from ample Mrs D.  Indeed, why the BOTOX in the lips?  Facts are harder to believe than fiction…..Mrs D had a fight with a Chihuahua which had BITTEN her lip while she was setting the Run. Mrs D reckons, “You should have seen the Chihuahua.”

After the drink stop DUMB tried to abscond with Mrs D’s car keys thinking he’d taken the key to her chastity belt nonny nonny, chastity belt nonny nonny (and not knowing a locksmith he was thinking outside the box).

The other song, the other song!  Arriving by airmail in the form of a paper plane all the way from Paraburdoo were HEAVY’S  lyrics by which to screw;  “I’M MRS DICKHEAD” to the tune of “I AM WOMAN”
…… “Oh yes I am wise, And I can be a pain

But I was born a teacher and have superior brain”………If I don’t have to, I won’t do anything……..I am Strong (Strong) I am Invincible (Invincible) I’m Mrs Dickhead (wooooooooo).  
Imagine the Back-up echoes CHOOK warbled in a KIWI accent by BIRD, LOIS LANE, we thought the song a hit and likely to take-off until the rendition was rendered flightless.

Seargeant SPENCE stepped up to head proceedings;      -Recalling the pleasured droolings of the perveyors of last week’s Stick books. Wondering why BAIT complained about the Blacking out of the cocks and hearing that REAR ENTRY’s Icing on the Cake turned out to be a Soft Serve. He was allowed a lolly water beer down down.  His mate SILIC’s correct ID of the Wall-nuts showed that he’s still got it.    BOOTROOTER and PUSS BUCKET returned, arm in arm, glassy eyed from a session together (the Pub, not the Park surely, though still enough to make a Gladiator jealous)

FLUID MOVEMENT was made to drink the remainder of the crap lolly water beer DOWN DOWNS along with NORMAL to make sure they, as Joint GROGMASTERS, get a more proper beer next time.

Next week The BILL@BATTLERS with BOOZE By BIGGS (pre-paid for as his credit’s cracked)

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