Thursday, May 8, 2014

RUN 1661: Battler’s Tavern Hare: The Billy Goat 5 May 2014

The Baton was passed to THE BILL for his run as a warmer-upper for his GM input in the shared reign of Sovereign Hash, GOLD and COPPER.  BENT KNOWS insistently persistently pedantically maintained the baton was in fact a truncheon but who passes a truncheon? (They pass a conch in BAITS favourite book Lord of the Flies which he now knows is not Lord of the Rings). 

Having gotten over their tummy aches some youth returned. That and the added attraction of a female first timer, a good group of vibrant athletic types set off on the BILL’S run.  Down along Main Road and up along the creek - back to the Town and City Missionary position. (How Far King Street?) – Up the hill past Australia Felix and Eureka Street where MOUNTY pointed out it seemed wrong for a trooper to wander near the site of the rebellion against unjust institutionalised licence fees that were a disincentive to individual entrepreneurial endeavours to join the pursuit of GOLD. (That seems like and a celebration of capitalism, did some mob hijack the flag?) There was however soothing harmony in the musical notes on the iron fence on the opposite corner!  Rimming the REAR ENTRY of ST Alipius, almost to DUMB and NUMS, drink stop in the car boot (the body was gone) behind the former OOMPH RAY St School. Feet/hands/swollen glands on Buggery Hill led by the queer master.  On in to the Tavern.

The BILL looked both dignified and official in his blue light Bobby Hat lauding over those on his beat.  He ruled as hard as an IRON ROD smashing down on dissenters with his Baton/Truncheon/Waddy (nice pet name that). He revelled in his task of formally welcoming the nubile NEWRUNNER CAROL. Is it Christmas?

NUMMY however was nominated for the task of screwing the BILL. After initially rolling her eyes she threw herself feverishly into the mission (ary position) and ground away on the Billy Goat who went cross-eyed with his tongue hanging out. He thought all his Christnum’s had cum at once.  It’s easy to imagine what DUMB sees IN NUM and what a lot of us would like to see in NUM.

Again, all the way from Paraburdoo, came HEAVY’S harmonic guidance led in with the whistling intro to the tune of “BILLY DON’T BE A HERO” re-worded to reflect insightful understanding, compassion and respect of the definitive character of our BELOVED BILL.  Like good hasheroos, the hole (sic) crew joined in the chorus.

Seargeant SPENCE allowed NNNORMAL to take the floor.  For once enthralling, he read from his new book, “COMEDY of ERRORS” that he saw fit to Dick Tate to his Thai pissed at work. FLUID MOVEMENT as the central character was a bit rusty last week after her absence, and with the added excitement of grog master duties, she nervously resorted to her old “Man Trap” (in this case her “Old Man Trap”) trick of locking the keys in the car. (The same trick successfully employed by SILIC’NT on BEIJING JULIE some years ago at a DONUT run). NORMAL was the reluctant Knight in Shining Umm Err as supporter and first hand witness to the string of stuff-ups, perhaps the title should be “The Dumino effect”.

FLUID MOVEMENT also got her 100th run Pewter mug that the BILL salubriously slipped in without fuss or fanfare.  SOS still finds it Hard to LET GO of control, criticising the BILLS presentation skills for a job that, like his fly, he had left half undone.

Looks like No Hard Feelings with PUSS and SPARTACUS having make-up drinks with P-WIT PHIL in his new position with OLD COL. 

BIGGSYMIST his drink so was pinged with the last Down Down.  All thanked him and the MISSUS later for their warm, welcoming, hospitality and recommended he consider doing it for a living.

Next week GLIDER of the Lillies @ Rear undercover car park CIVIC HALL   What Time? Sick Dirty

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