Sunday, April 27, 2014

RUN 1659 - 21st April 2015 219 Coalmine Road Lal Lal Hares: Half a Bar and Bar Liquor

It was Easter Monday and many of the Hash Kids were home sick with Tummy aches from too many Easter Eggs.  Luckily a stoic mob of Hash stalwarts enthusiastically attended what was the Maiden Run from the new venue.  A prime piece of real estate with shelter, sheds, fire, power, warmth, BBQ, beer, wine, a bit of Bush and no nearby neighbours to piss off. Even HALF A BAR had to really work to stuff this one up.
TOMMY sent Runners one way, ambiguous trail cross the railway line and back to drink stop, must have misread signs!   HE lost the serious walkers as they wanted to go further than a par three and thus embarked on a power walk almost to the pub where there was no SNAGS (sick), nor SPARTACUS (Beach)…so they say.

After the drink stop nest tended by BAR LIQUOR with beer and choccies, it was On Home to where REAR ENTRY was entertaining SILIC at the camp fire by putting MOREWOOD on.  Walkers returned in dribs and drabs like Brown Cows or Spielvogel’s Sheep.

SILIC, expert at Keeping the Meat, advised an in shed BBQ would be required to cook the MASSIVE steaks that HALF a BAR had arranged (to over compensate for the previous Jerky thin though tasty protein wafers).  An impromptu sub-committee of many was formed to advise DUMB how to level up the barby so the Fat ran the right way.

Well comes Back and BP and BENT who found Pleasant Street too busy to cross for last week’s run and for PAULINE lured by the promise of a sing-song around the camp fire (and cos LOIS has no sense of direction and would never find her way home).

After pointing out that Half a Run was over quicker than two Half walks, HEAVY handed down the score for a harmonic screw of HALF a BAR’s efforts to his favourite tune of KENNY ROGER’s Gambler;  most particularly;

“There’ll be time enough for sheep-shaggin’ ………when the shearin’s done!

Seargeant SPENCE ensured HALF had twice as many down downs as anyone due to his countless deficiencies. (Bar Liquor later informed that even though there was a short-cut/ back-way home, HALF A BAR had lost ALL sense of erection).

Great meat, well handled by DUMB was a sumptuous feast accompanied by home-made coleslaw. NO BREAD was the greatest sin.  Cosy shed and camp fire drinking, music and singing, continued for the evening.  An uncovered stash of old style, very graphic stick books which raised a degree or two of interest from the cultured senior male attendees was  the icing on the cake.  Please return the missing books, no names no pack drill.

Coalmine Road was practically unanimously proclaimed a terrific winner as a great venue for bush based runs for 2014.

Next week is at MRS D’s 11 Park Street residence up toward the Markets.

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