Saturday, May 17, 2014

RUN 1662: Civic Hall Car Park Hare: Glider 12 May 2014

WOW!  The Civic Hall!  A yellow brick monument of 1960s architecture.  We and a few others saw ACDC launch on their trajectory to fame and glory. After locking the locals out the Civic Hall has in recent years become an icon of council indecision and their incapacity to manage much more than another roundabout.

Instead of the welcoming hot soup in Mair Street, Glider recommended the all-weather underground car park out the back.  He supplied civic infrastructure consisting of a fold out table out the back of his Volvo Hatch. 

Some of our number were willing to sacrifice their exercise time and were sending off a barman buddy, Max, who has probably poured most of us an ale or two over the years at the Turf Club, Golf House, and of course at JDs (often hosting Hash). Bye Max.

A well set little run and walk marked with chook foot flour headed up to Soldiers Hill and into Ballarat North with cross over trails where walkers were lured into running a bit and runners languished into walking a bit.  All trails led back through another underground car park at Bunnings and on to the Drink Stop and warm reception in the warm reception area of Rutile Glitch.

BAD HAIR DAY (not BENT) had a meritorious palindromic run mirror imaged in several planes, 818. (aka two fat ladies with only one dil to do between them).

Another stray screw was required for GLIDER and GILF being WHISKED away to WOGGA, Her Horny House inHabitant, FLUID MOVEMENT was Heralded. She was immediately WRITHING and we all started BREATHING HEAVY as we anticipated another vigorous bodily actioned screw like NUMMY’s BALL ROOM BLITZ on The BILL last week.  It was however, more like the twisting of Rolf’s daughter’s friend trying to avoid Jake the Peg’s Extra Leg. She never knew what sexual Harris meant!

So, the path was duly described and GLIDER was nominated for gentleman of the year and thanked profusely by all for the run and for bringing the fold-out table from which the Grog Master/Mistress cum Screw would able to serve copious down downs (but it would never hold 2 bodies or even prop up a little ladies bod at just the right height).

Unfortunately there was no back to back Christmas Carol and we had to make do with another parody from Paraburdoo.  Heavy re-set the words of UB70’s song, Red Red Wine, going to his head and tearing him apart and breaking his Vol-vo heart.  All this to reflect gorgeous GLIDER’s grape grinding games and the infinite bottles of Red Nectar he has on hand. Nothing about him getting a kick out of breeding cattle? The sound engineer had selected an acoustically comfortable corner of the car park and the throng altho thung enthuthiathtically.

Those involved in the nearby CFA drill were seen swaying to the musical melody.  They wouldn’t leave until THE BILL turned off his flashing blue light. Apparently flashing in the library car-park it is inappropriate?
Seargeant SPENCE informed that he is pissing off for a while. Going off with some happy campers, including MASTABAIT, ROADRUNNER (who wouldn’t attend another meeting involving the Civic Hall), and the dynamic duo, SILIC and REAR ENTRY. SPENCE expressed concerns they might come back with one less. (Too late methinks).

ROWDY submitted a convincing verbal application for the relief position, announcing like a true MC the arrival of Willoughby Anzac Reims (WAR) Dumb’s latest grandson out of Jess. Going on with espousing the taking up of spouses by kid’s of SPENCE and BAIT. Mounty also made application by warbling in wake affected words something about another relatively new arrival.

Before we wandered to the Top Eureka for ON AFTERS, FM confessed she was missing SOS’s Horn and wanted her name emblazoned on it. We are hoping Little Boy Blue will come blow his Horn at……

Next Week’s Run; CRISS CROSS, who has such a long way to go, to make it to the Border of Mexico Riding Like the Wind on his new bike.  Where? Sounded like Free LBN Street, Golden Point.  See youse there just after Half Sicks.

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