Thursday, February 20, 2014

Run 1650 Sparrow Reverve Hare:Pus Bucket

A big group gathered for this keenly anticipated event. The run was good and was in bushland and ended at the back of one of Mounties sisters places. Immaculate Conception had to be carried on the walk by FOP which probably impacted on his performance in the cricket game. The drink stop was cut short to start the cricket match.

The pairs were selected and there was a huge crowd gathered to see who would win the best bat this year. Flo J and Rowdy had been training, JeSOS and Hymen were confident, Masterbaiter and Gilder could not remember why they were there and the young nephews of Mounties were keen to win.

Spartacus was the umpire with Pus Bucket calling the scores.  The game was played with enthusiasm and many of the players played great games but just could not make the winning score. The surprise winners was the father and son team of Shafted and Little Evil. congratulations boys.

The FOP O Metre was back and loved the atmosphere of the great game.

Down, downs were held in the dark and GILF and Fluid Movement were worried they may not get food.

When the food did come there was not a crumb left for the possums.
The night got cold and so although it was a great night it was not a late night.

Next week is at the Freight Hotel in Peel street and the virgin hare is Fascinator.
See you there love Nummy.

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