Thursday, February 27, 2014

Run 1651 Freight Hotel Virgin Hare: Fascinator

Fascinator was nervous and excited at the same time, it was his chance to map out the run of the year, and all in all it wasn't a bad go for the first one. It was well marked in chalk and went from side to side across the road. The number of runners was small but we were heading to the fabulous East so the pace was quickened as we know the track so well. The trail went up Black Hill and the Billy Goat set forth to scale the heights of the hill. He soon lost interest and followed Nummy and GILF who were short cutting. The experienced short cutters found trail at the bottom of the hill and headed to the drink stop. The Hare, Shafted, Criss Cross and Precious did not come down from the Hill.
Was the Virgin Hare lost?
The Hasher's were anxious for their safety cos the Hare had the keys to the car with the drinks...

Never fear, Normals here and HE had the key's. The exciting thing was there was no eski but a little blue shell pool in the boot to keep the Drinks cold.

The Virgin hare picked a great spot for the dink stop, under the railway bridge and there we had the company of two homeless females enjoying a shot of illicit medication. As they left they propositioned Little Evil but he turned them down cos they had not had a shower for some time...

Back at the Hotel, Mountie, Lois and JeSOS were planning the awards night, shame they missed a good run.

The FOP O Metre was handled by Little Evil who manipulated the metre to a reasonable height for the Virgin Fascinator.

Boot Rooter was the Sergeant at Arms and the Down Downs were interrupted cos of the noise and moved to a more private area... sort of lost the momentum, speaking of momentum GLIDER and Dumber have a penis growing on their elbows, Candida did a Sharon Stone for the Boys,Tommy told another really good joke with props and all, still didn't cut the mustard. Fascinateor told a joke also and it was funny. SS was excited as some one has a significant run coming up. BP is upset she will not be at the run next week to clean up. GILF and Nummy were fighting over food but that's OK, our food will be untouched in a couple of weeks as GILF is leaving to move to TEFLON country...

That's about it, next weeks run is a Pleasant Street. Please ensure you are really, really messy so BP will have lots to do when she gets home. Bent Nose is the Hare and by all accounts a real slob... God bless Nummy

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