Thursday, February 20, 2014

Run 1649 Taronga Road Hare: Lois Lane

This was a run in the bush which kept a  few Hasher's happy but unfortunately the locals were not. The Hasher's suffered a barrage of abuse due to the potential fire danger created by parking cars in long grass. The irate local drove his car through the group to make some point... luckily no one challenge this person and the remainder of the run went past without any further abuse.

The run was good and well set by rowdy (the Ginger Niger) and Lois.

The FOP O Metre was again missing so Dumber was the stand in which provided only a small example of the excitement of the run.

The on on was back at Lois's house and the Hasher's were provided with a meal to feed 500 men, meat, vegies, gravy, cake and other yummy delights.

Shafted was on fire with his jokes and Tommy did his best.

The night was good and again we thank Lois for a great night.

As next week has happened but the run is at Sparrow Reserve and the Hare is Pus Bucket and the theme is the annual cricket match.

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