Thursday, March 6, 2014

Run 1652 Ballarat Indian Restuarnt Hare: Bent Nose

JeSOS arrived in sunglasses hiding his large periobital haematoma which he received for pissing near a very angry man. This injury prevented him attending his cousins wedding which JeSOS was a groomsman! Poor baby

Bent Nose set a great run but he did cross trail, a big mistake for a Hash man of his years. The run took the Hashers into areas we had not ventured for many years. The drink stop had lollies which Mountie did not eat and attempted to stop Flo Jo eating as her arse, according to Mountie, was expanding.

The down downs were held at the MADE park in front of a monument honouring Masturbators forebears. The down downs included a welcome to a visitor from PNG, to the Bill for touching up Nummies great arse, Mountie for doing a Cher on the guns, Pus Bucket for missing Spartacus, If I could turn back time. The Grog Master ran out of beer cos there were so many but I have forgotten what they all were.

Back at the restaurant we enjoyed the food and tucked in like there was no tomorrow.

Next weeks run is at the Miner Taern and the Hare is F25k Whit Phil and GILFs last run before moving to Wogga. God bless Nummy.

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