Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Run 1368 North Britain

Hi Everyone

Thanks The Bill for prizing yourself away from the Nude & Naked Exhibition long enough to set a run for us. Even took the time to set a walkers trail, which would have been good if Normal could read & follow the instructions!

We had a few Welcomes back. Spartacus, Sue, Snags & Mountie. Although hands up all those who wanted to send Mountie back to Vietnam or dob her into customs for bringing into the country the drug Speed then taking a double dose if it before she turned up to Hash.

We had one significant runner. Dumb & Dumber 669. Well done.

Don't forget daylight savings starts this weekend so set your clocks forward!!! Saturday night & we will see you at Rowdys new place for Stubbys Daylight Saving run.

On On
Lois Lane

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